Jordan Ancel

Award Winning Filmmaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Coach

“Good work and good artists are sacrificed daily to careerism, ambition, placement. Don’t beg to have others look at you: Become so amplified by life that others cannot look away. Be the lesson.”


A Little Bit About Me

I’m a multi-award-winning filmmaker & producer, serial entrepreneur, author, and artist.

I just wrapped produciotn on my latest film, The Principal's Assembly and have another film shooting in Septmeber 2021. I've also got four shows in developement, and my latest stage production, Melissa Center is… Marrying Jake Gylenhaal, produced during the Pandemic, was the first of it’s kind to be a multi-cam live-stream from a theater. We brought the live theater experience to people at home and raised a ton of money for charity through ticket sales to help those affected by the pandemic.


As a coach, I provide actors, entertainment CEOs, entrepreneurs, and artists with my proven methods for problem-solving and growth to help them achieve better results in life and business.I’m currently the Chief Creative Officer for Entertainment startup MediaU, I sit on the advisory board of the developing theme park, Game Nation, Inc., and I consult many entertainment startups.


In my early 20s, I founded the acclaimed Greenwich House Theater Company (1993) in New York City, was a highly successful commercial & voiceover actor, and then went into the startup world where I found great success.


I’m committed to helping actors and artists thrive and achieve happiness by teaching them actual business skills that work. I’m committed to helping you fulfill your dreams!

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